Voxelfab is an Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Consultancy specializing in end-use polymer and metal parts made by industrial and desktop 3D printers through mass customization and generative design.

You can find the Voxelfab blog here.

This blog is an overview of relevant news, developments, and research in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM). Of particular interest will be:

  • Using desktop 3D printers to manufacture industrial parts
  • Actual manufacturing using 3D printing.
  • Additive Manufacturing compliance, testing, validation, regulatory approvals (FDA, FAA) and standards.
  • Automated software toolchains to create, validate, nest, optimize and do quality control on 3D printed parts used in manufacturing applications.
  • The 3D scan, STL fixing, slicing, Gcode, firmware, 3D printed part toolchain.
  • Cutting-edge research in bioprinting, 3D printed circuits, smart materials, integrated functionality, weight saving, aviation, space and automotive.
  • Materials innovations in PEEK, PEI (Ultem), PEK, PEKK, PPSU, high-performance polyamides, filled materials (GF, CF and more), PPA’s, hydrogels as well as other innovative materials.
  • Developments in metal additive manufacturing towards manufacturing using DMLS/SLM/powder bed fusion as well as other technologies such as cold spray, DED etc.
  • Automation and cost reduction in metal 3D printing through true metal 3D printing production lines.
  • Large format and large-scale 3D printing in construction and other applications.
  • Developments in inkjet 3D printing for metal, color 3D printing and the creation of functional parts through coating, circuits etc.
  • Along with inkjet, powder bed fusion, fused deposition modeling and vat polymerization will be focus areas as well.
  • Market entry by inkjet, polymer and metals companies will also be discussed as will the market for polymers and metals.
  • Ceramics 3D printing, nanoprinting, self-assembly and the dream of true voxelfabbing will also feature.

Essentially this corresponds to the main areas of interest of Voxelfab as a consultancy. Although that makes it all sound rather grand. Essentially Voxelfab is the more or less organized renting out of Joris Peels. For some projects, I rely on specialized collaborators in their fields but generally, Voxelfab is a one-man band.

This is good because I can say exactly what I want when I want. This means that I do speak my mind and provide critical analysis. My main goal for this blog is to educate and shine a bright light of truth on a sometimes far too murky industry.

I started working in 3D printing more than ten years ago and have worked for Shapeways, Materialise, Formlabs, Ultimaker, Hewlett Packard, polymer multinationals, chemicals multinationals, industrial companies, metal powder companies, OEMs in industrial 3D printers, desktop 3D printing OEMs, 3D printing software companies and online platforms. I’ve worked for some of the largest companies on the planet and one person start-ups.

What I’m best at is in letting people know about where the industry is headed, spotting new significant trends and in navigating the tortuous path to real cost-effective manufacturing using 3D printing. My perspective is unique because I bring a lot of real-world experience working from all sides of the industry whether on behalf of OEMs, materials companies, additives companies, service bureaus or industrial users. Whereas there are a lot of people that know about desktop 3D printing and some that have a lot of experience in industrial 3D printing I’m essentially alone in having a lot of both. I’m also currently one of the few people that believe that for many applications desktop FDM 3D printing will displace industrial Additive Manufacturing.

I love guiding multinationals and new market entrants through the intricacies of AM. In terms of work I tend to do a lot of short consultations for hedge funds, institutional investors, analysts, VCs, angel investors, consultancy firms and companies new to Additive Manufacturing. I also do competitive analysis, competitive landscape, market research and custom research projects, mostly for investors or new market entrants. I also help existing AM companies with strategy, positioning, business development, content, and marketing. What I like to do most is longer-term projects that take us from idea to implementation of a new AM process, material, product or new technology. 

Some projects I’ve done over the past year:

  • Technical due diligence for a VC investing in the large format AM space.
  • Technical due diligence for an investor in the industrial AM space.
  • Competitive landscape for AM metal printing (SLM, DED etc).
  • Market research for new developments in AM metal powders.
  • Comparative study of applications & technologies in metal AM.
  • Unmet needs in metal powder bed fusion for an industrial firm.
  • Market research, competitive landscape study, in-depth customer interviews for a private equity investor investing in desktop 3D printing.
  • Market research, competitive landscape, positioning of the desktop 3D printing market players for a successful investment by a private equity investor.
  • Market research of key players and technologies in polymer AM for an industrial company.
  • A competitive matrix of polymer AM technologies for a chemicals company.
  • Customer interviews of industrial users of desktop 3D printing and industrial AM systems to determine unmet needs, the efficacy of systems, future market growth.
  • Use of metal and polymer AM technologies and materials in aviation.
  • Comparison of slicing and STL repair software packages for a software firm, including customer interviews, a survey, and recommendations.
  • The viability of orthotics production with AM.
  • A realistic analysis of current 3D printing construction projects.
  • Exploration of the different bioprinting technologies.

I also like writing and write for the Wohlers Report, 3Dprint.com and other publications in addition to this blog. I’m currently based in Eindhoven the Netherlands, CET. Should you have an interesting project for me or seek some 3D printing information then don’t hesitate to contact me.